Tuesday Night

Posted: February 22, 2012 in During the Trip

So today was day four, and what a productive day it was! We headed to the orphanage for a short day. As we approached the orphanage, the children ran towards us and jumped up into our arms. Today we started to paint the mural and it was almost completed with the help of some artistic orphans. Some other members of the team started clearing rocks for a “secret project” (whatever the project really is will be revealed to the rest of us later). On a more personal note, I had a great day with a few of the Haitian girls who are closest to me. They braided my hair; shared their stories; and one of the girls, Sophia, a very shy and sensistive girl who usually doesn’t eat or speak, actually ate today and spoke to me for the first time. Her first worsds to me were, “I love you” and “You’re beautiful.” I was so happy to see her finally open up! Later, the team returned to the compound (aka our house) for some down time. After this down time, we headed outside to plant moringa trees. These tree’s leaves are pacted with unbelievable nutrition and truly give hope for Haiti. If these trees are a success, this area of Haiti—and possibly the rest of Haiti–could be provided with the nutrition they’ve needed for so long. I am very excited and very hopeful that these moringa trees will be a success! Tomorrow morning we will be headed to the market to purchase goats for the orphanage. Please pray for safety and success! -Rachael

P.S. Happy Birthday to Brent Mcknight!!


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