monday night

Posted: February 21, 2012 in During the Trip

Hello! My name is Roni Langley and I’m going to be telling you all about the day we had today. We woke up at about 8:00 and after some down time we went up to pastor Dony’s house for breakfast. The weather was nice and cool this morning, which was very nice, since it is very hot in Haiti. After our breakfast on fruit and bread, we loaded up the bus and headed for the orphanage. Mr. Rego started us out driving because Doudou was flying in from Port-au-Prince. We met Doudou at the landing strip, and while waiting for him to come to the bus, we got to see the people of Haiti preparing for Carnival Week. They had elaborate costumes and colorful masks on. They sang songs and tapped out beats to their songs. They were not keen however on pictures being taken and made quite some noise if a camera was raised; despite that, we did get a few quick snap shots of the people in costume.

After Doudou loaded our bus and took over driving, we made our way to the orphanage for our first full day! We were all excited and ready to show our love and God’s love to the children. When we arrived, all the kids were waiting for us and ran up to the bus so quickly that it was a struggle to make our way out of the crowd! We all ended up with a good four or five kids on our limbs and backs, all wanting to just hold a part of us. Carly and Kyle sketched out the mural so it would be ready for painting tomorrow. We got the library up and running so the kids could go in and try to read some of the books. That was really cool even though we lost two books in the process. Time flew as we spent the time with the kids. We all agree that we can die in peace now that we have all witnessed the singing and dancing of Mr. Rego! It was quite a sight to see (don’t worry we have video and camera proof!) at about 2, we all gathered in the cafeteria and Mark led some worship; us singing in English and the children chiming in, in Creole. It was really special being able to sing with the children worship songs. After that, our senior girls entertained the kids with their stomp dance! The girls and boys loved that! They even tried to join in and learn the steps. We played a little football (aka soccer!) and had a real blast doing that.

After a while, everyone was tired out and things calmed down a bit. Everyone herded towards the  shade and enjoyed some down time. At about 4:30, we loaded up the bus for a bittersweet goodbye, tired from today and excited for tomorrow. The ride home was fun, as we got to see more paraders! Afterwards, we returned the girls–who had had their hair braided by the Haitian girls–washed off to get rid of any potential lice. We then spent some time with the neighborhood kids. Some of them spoke spanish and we were able to do a mash up of english Creole and Spanish. Dinner was goat and chicken, with some pasta beans a rice! I was surprised to find I had sampled some goat liver which was very jiggly and interesting. The food is so good here! Very natural and fresh. After filling our bellies, we went home and spent some group time.

In my eyes the team is becoming very close. The Lord is answering our prayers before our eyes and keeping us safe day after day. Right now it is 9:45, and I’m sure I could tell you all a million miracles the Lord has blessed all of us with, but a new day awaits me, and I should be headed off to bed! Hope you all at home are well! Love, Roni and the whole Haiti team!


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